Everything we thought we knew about evolution has just been turned inside out...

DIAMOND MOON is a cautionary tale about the future of space exploration and resource management, woven around the personal lives of it's two main characters. 

A NASA mission to search for life under the ice of Europa. A space-mining rig sent to help drill under the deep ice of the moon. A life-altering mystery that pits the crews against each other the moment they find it... 

Deception, greed, mystery, and romance... All are suddenly vying for the oppurtunity to bring this life-altering finding to all of humanity, or to take it purely for its material value.

Who will bring the amazing discovery home, and for what purpose? The moon is becoming more and more hostile, but the icy denisens of this world are offering them clues to escape, if anyone is listening.

Diamond Moon - Total finish.jpg